Fence Done The Right Way.

Custom Fence Oviedo is a division of Paramount Fencing, Inc. news and fence information based websites meant to protect the interest of the customers.    Paramount Fencing, has been inspiring and protecting the customer's interest across Central Florida since 2004.

Our primary goal is to educate and inspire.  It's through this approach that we hope this website will help you separate fact from fiction and fiction from the facts. Sometimes, a little bit of information is the difference between a beautiful long lasting fence or short a short-term disaster.

We also believe fence designs vary based on geographical location.    Simply put,  what works in the urban sprawl of Orlando does not work in the rural setting of Oviedo,  Black Hammock, or Geneva.   This area is unique and filled with country farms, horse ranches, and quaint cottages communities nestled beneath the oaks.  All of that must be balanced off local laws.

Yes.  There are a number of HOAs community popping up a redefining the landscapes as well.  If you live in one, don't think this website is not for you.   We often post articles about what to look for so you don't get the short end of the fence post.