Seminole County is growing and rural boundaries are shrinking.   Every month, more and more people are seeking refuge from the city life.  Why not?  Oviedo and Geneva are known for their finger oaks with Spanish moss dancing westward in an evening breeze, their lush and vast hammocks,  sprawling green pastures, and miles and miles of meandering fence lines and horses.  There is just a lot to love.

At Custom Fence Oviedo, our focus is simple.  It is those meandering fences surrounding the green pastures and horses.  Our purpose is solely to educate and to inform you of the "Do's"  and "Don't" so you can protect your investment and keep those animals safe.   Most importantly, we want to assist in avoiding unwanted vet bills and liabilities, all over simple mistakes.

So if you live in Geneva Florida, Oviedo Florida, Winter Springs Florida, or in the rural areas of Seminole County Florida,  there is one thing every homeowner and landowner should consider before fencing or repairing the fence that surrounds their agricultural property.

Failure To Understand What Types of Agricultural Fence are Needed in Geneva and Oviedo, Well That Is Just A Plan to Fail.

Although agricultural fencing might seem simplistic, there are specific types for each situation.   From barbed wire fence to field fence, from pens to paddocks, and from ranch rail fence to a riding rink,  each fence type possesses a specific purpose.  Understanding each purpose will help balance your animal's safety needs off of aesthetics, cost, and upkeep.   Let us not forget the potential of unwanted liabilities.  We cannot express the importance of failing to understand.

Don't be that person who approaches their project backwards.  Take the time to read, learn, plan, and then get estimates.   So in other words, slow down.  Remember the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Simply click on the photo below.  I promise.  The more you read the more you know.   Heck, you might just learn something new.


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