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Installing a fence in a yard can be a huge project. More often than not, fence installations will require some preparation before the work can begin. This often means clearing the land that the proposed fence will be installed on, as well as trimming back trees and possibly fixing grading.
In Central Florida, large oak trees are very common finds in yards. Removing those trees are extremely laborious, expensive, and subject to city approval if the trees are not deemed to be a safety hazard. Only behind California, Florida is the country’s second most landscaped state, making clearing land that much harder. Many homeowners work diligently on their yards, and want their fence to reflect that.

how can a fence be installed without removing mature trees or damaging existing landscaping?

First, always plan the location of gardens before beginning. Look at the boundary lines of your property and decide if you ever plan on installing or replacing a fence. When planting shrubs, groundcover, or other landscaping plants, plant them about 2 feet from the property line to allow enough room for a fence installation. Keeping plants off of a fence will also help preserve it as well. Keep in mind where sprinkler lines are located, as you don’t want the sprinkler lines damaged during the installation, or the sprinkler itself to constantly spray the fence. It may be beneficial as well to look into plants that don't require as much water if you plan on having them near the fence line, just be sure that the plants chosen aren't invasive species.

Second, do some research on the style of fence you want. Knowing your municipality’s or HOA’s building code will also help, as some do not allow certain materials to be used. Some fencing materials, such as vinyl and aluminum, will hold up better in a moister environment than a wood fence will. Keep in mind that plants along a fence line, especially a wood fence, will hold moisture in the soil and will promote fungal growth. Although most wood used in fencing is pressure treated for ground contact, it’s best to avoid prolonged water exposure.

Last, be sure to choose a reputable contractor when choosing to install or replace any fence. Many handymen or not so trustworthy contractors will install a fence wherever it will fit, or will cost you more in labor in the long run. A reputable fence contractor will be able to evaluate your yard and come up with building solutions that fit you and your yards needs.

It's common for contractors to push for unnecessary vegetation removal to cushion the labor cost. Proper planning and collaborating with professionals can not only result in a beautiful custom fence but also save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. A reputable fencing contractor can find solutions for even the toughest vegetation obstacles, such as trees. Boxing around or even building into a tree can result in a beautiful, unique fencing system.

If you have any worries about the obstacles for your fence installation, call Paramount Fencing. We will work with you to create a custom plan specific to your home's needs.

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