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What to Consider When Selecting a Fence in Oviedo, Winter Springs, or Geneva Florida

From pasture fence to wood fence and aluminum fence to vinyl fence,  Oviedo and Winter Springs Florida possess every fence style.  Some of those fences look great. Others look like they belong in an abandoned ghost town.  The question is, why?  The answer is simple:  Homeowners do not pay attention to the geological or man-made conditions of their property.

Unlike other areas in Central Florida, the Oviedo and Winter Springs areas consist of less permeable soil and higher than normal water tables.  The soil is a combination of sand, pan dirt, and muck which is often visited by 53 plus inches of annual precipitation.  Couple all of the above with the average land elevation, 25 feet – 55 feet above sea level, it’s not building the fence that becomes the problem.  It's making that fence last.

Here are four helpful fence hints for planning your fence in the Oviedo, Winter Springs, Deland, and Geneva:

1. First, identify the soil conditions of the property.  Do the 8” shovel test. Take a shovel and dig up one scoop and examine the soil. Ask yourself does the soil look sandy or dark? Does it look moist or dry?  Is there standing water before or after a good rain?

2. Second, examine the vegetation in the area the fence is located. Consider the size and locations of the vegetation and if that vegetation touches the fence. Don’t forget the neighbor’s yard as well. Understand, vegetation can create ground contact-like conditions which makes certain pressure treatment ineffective.

3. Third, will the fence be exposed to direct sun or located in shaded areas?  Will it be located on or near a body of water, creek, or wetlands?  Is there salt or brackish water involved?

4. Fourth, know your zoning information.  Do you live in agricultural or residential zoned land?  Do you live in a homeowner's association or deed restricted community?

The above four questions might seem silly, but knowing makes all the difference. Here is why: If that soil is dark and moist, it will be important use CA  (UC4A) pressure treated lumber versus MCA treated lumber.  If the soil is wet or located near water, CA (UC4B) treated wood posts are preferred over CA treated lumber. Not paying attention can result in premature rotting of posts and wood.  Understand, the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) has designated 15 different chemicals that fall under 12 end-use categories.

If you live on salt or brackish water, that aluminum fence needs to be Marine Powder coated or equivalent.  Otherwise, the salinity will eat the powder coating. If the fence is located in the direct sunlight, the powder coating needs to be rated for 3000 hours of extreme weather and saltwater conditions at a minimum. Ask your fence company or that black fence will fade to gray within six months.

The above are just a few examples. For more information on selecting the correct fence of your Oviedo, Winter Springs, Deland, and Olsten home contacts Paramount Fencing for a free on property fence consultation.

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